We are presenting

The gong stands made of solid beech wood

for an instant assembly and disassembly


Studio Gong Stands

The stands offered are the fruit of years long passion of their author, Jan Pułkownik from Torzym and a number of suggestions and experiences of the persons professionally working in the large field of the sound and music therapy. Aesthetic design, functionality, stability and comfort of use has become the mark of our products appreciated also far beyond the borders of Europe.

A unique structure design

Very stable and in the same time incredibly lightweight stand structure designed for the gongs of 20 cm–150 cm in diameter.

Easy to assemble

The assembling of the whole stand takes up to 3-5 seconds!

Small number of elements

The stand structure disassembling into 3/5 flat elements ideal for transportation – no scratching with sharp edges nor getting dirty with grease.

Harmonious look

The rounded shape harmonizing and energizing your space.

Natural noble materials

A great to touch wood from the Ińskie Lakeland (Pojezierze Ińskie) forest is protected with a special formula of oils and waxes.

Restricted construction

Polish registered construction design copyrighted in all countries of the world.

Registered EU design

The design was registered in the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) on 2009-04-02. Please note that the copyright protection includes not only the whole stand but also the particular technical solutions for which copying is prohibited by law.

The Stamp certifying the authenticity of the product

Each stand leaving the walls of our manufacture has got a stamp shown on the photo above. The stamp is the guarantee of authenticity, quality and years-long use of our products.


Our product offer includes the stands designed for all gongs of 20 cm up to 150 cm in diameter.

The models 120 Max and 120 SuperMax are designed for concerts, seminars, and workshops because of the increased height of the gong placement and sounding.

60, 80, 100, 120
120 MAX, 120 SuperMax, 130, 135, 150

4 similar structures making 11 different-sized gong stands.

Models table

Model Max gongs radius Stand height Stand width Stand depth Stand weight
40 40 cm 58 cm 58 cm 26 cm 2 kg
40 Koshi 40 cm 58 cm 58 cm 26 cm 2 kg
60 60 cm 97 cm 88 cm 50 cm 6,80 kg
80 80 cm 118 cm 112 cm 53 cm 8,65 kg
100 100 cm 138 cm 136 cm 58 cm 9,80 kg
120 120 cm 157 cm 156 cm 58 cm 11,35 kg
120 MAX 120 cm 168 cm 160 cm 58 cm 12 kg
120 SuperMax 120 cm 195 cm 167 cm 58 cm 12 kg
130 130 cm 167 cm 167 cm 58 cm 12,40 kg
135 135 cm 195 cm 167 cm 58 cm 14,40 kg
150 150 cm 202 cm 197 cm 58 cm 15 kg

Attention! In the case of a very dynamic gong play we recommend purchase of a one-size bigger gong stand.

Models table

Download table

Assembly instruction

Download instruction

Our clients testimonials

Absolutely perfect finish, full stability even while very dynamically playing

Anke, Germany

Our clients testimonials

The rapidity of both assembly and disassembly is incredible; finally the equipment assembling and disassembling after my concerts has become a pleasure.

Serge, France

Our clients testimonials

The Wood is fantastic to the touch; the wedges perfectly fitting in with no slack.

Jesus, Spain

Our clients testimonials

The stand of beautiful harmonious shape – now my gong has got a well deserved frame.

Kate, Great Britain

Our clients testimonials

Whether I play it Or watch it, its functionality and aesthetics are incredible

Arie, Holland

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